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Cemetery Engraving

Almost all monuments that were made for two or more people will eventually need additional lettering added to it. There is no need to remove a stone from a cemetery anymore. We at Phoenixville Memorial Works have portable lettering equipment, so the work can be done on-site.

Whether you need to add just a death date, or a full name with dates, we guarantee the work to match all existing lettering. We are experienced, talented, craftsman with more than thirty years in the monument field. We Are-Not fly-by-nighters. Most lettering jobs are completed in four weeks time (weather permitting). We do our own lettering on your memorial, we don’t farm it out like most places do. We at Phoenixville Memorial Works will absolutely save you money on your lettering job.

Call us, or e-mail us a picture of your memorial.
We will then give you a No Obligation Free Quote.
You have Absolutely Nothing to Lose, and it will probably save you money in the long run.

You will be pleasantly surprised by our pricing over almost all monument companies and funeral homes.

Customer satisfaction is always # 1 with us.

Adding a Death Date to a Marker, On Site, At a Local Cemetery
Adding a Death Date to a Marker, On Site, At a Local Cemetery

Pre-Pay Your Death Date:

Pre-pay your future death date and lock in on all future price increases and  cemetery permit fees!
All payments to this pre-pay program are fully guaranteed.

Does Your Stone Need Cleaning?

If your Marker, Slant or Upright Monument is dirty or has mold spots, we can clean it. We use a special Granite Acid that is washed on the stone, and we combine it with our pressure washer, which makes the stone look brand new again.

Claycomb Cleaning
Stiteler Cleaning